7 Changes That Happen To Your Body If You Don’t Eat Meat!

Turning vegan has many health benefits for your body and physical well-being. Go plant based and see amazing changes happening to your body! A plant based diet which emphasizes on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts are is rich in fiber, vitamins and other essential nutrients. People who don’t eat meat generally eat fewer calories, less fat, weigh less and have a lower risk of developing cancer than non-vegetarians do!

Here are some amazing changes that happen to your body if you stop eating meat!

Increase the number of good bacteria

When you stop consuming meat, the number of good bacteria in your gut will increase. Gut is the second brain in your body, it contains an incredible number of neurons that affect your mood. Eating lots of red meat and dairy can lead to various intestinal diseases that can make you feel quite miserable.

Reduce Inflammation

Eating lots of meats causes inflammation in your stomach, also it can lead to heart attacks, strokes and arthritis. Plant based diets are anti – inflammatory because they are high in fiber, antioxidants and other vital nutrients essential for our bodies.

Change your DNA for the better

Researchers have found that a vegetarian diet significantly decreases the expression of cancer genes. You can make your genes stronger and healthier if you don’t eat meat.

Skin will become healthier

If you turn vegetarian, your skin texture improves, blackheads and acne disappears! Scientists say that if you replace meat with vegetables and fruits, all toxins from the body will be flushed out. Such a detox clears your skin and makes it radiant and glowing.

Bad Cholesterol decreases

Processed meats contain high amount of saturated fats. Eating too much of saturated fat will increase your LDL cholesterol levels, that’s a major risk factor for developing heart diseases and strokes. Studies have shown that switching to a vegetarian diet can lower your cholesterol level.

Getting the right type of Protein

Eating too much meat is also dangerous for the body; excess protein turns into fat which leads to a number of concerns including heart disease and cancer. The solution is simple, turn vegetarian! Have plenty of things like oatmeal, beans, almonds and tofu which have the right type of protein needed by our body.

Helps you Lose Weight

People who give up meat can lose weight faster than those who eat meat. According to a study, meat eaters tend to be be on a higher risk of becoming obese than vegetarians. A vegetarian diet is low in fat and rich in fiber which aids in weight loss. So if you are planning to loose that extra inch around your stomach, opt for plant based foods!

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