8 Food Options To Lower Your Bad Cholesterol

Whether it’s stuffing your face with an additional puri with aloo ki subzi, or adding that extra serving of fries to our burger meal- we really don’t hold back. But when it shows its effects on our health in the form of bad cholesterol, then we’ve got a big, big problem. Though studies and research are still figuring out the link between dietary and blood cholesterol, nature always has a way out for us distraught humans!

There are some natural ways to manage it and keep it in check by just making a few changes to our regular diet. We have collated some easily available, regular food items that you can add to your diet to lower your bad cholesterol. Try some oats cooked with milk, or some fresh beans, some healthy nuts or soy milk! There are fruits like apples, broccoli (a must-have), brown rice or even a dab of olive oil that are going to be your new best friends. So, that next time you reach out for that bag of chips or some oily fries- you know the options that are available for you! Have a look at the list here. 

1. Oats, not Maida

2. Beans, not Fries

3. Nuts, not Cheese

4. Soy, not Wheat

5. Fruits, not Sweets

6. Broccoli, not Burgers

7. Brown Rice, not White

8. Vegetable Oil, not Butter


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