A Love Letter To Tea

Chai. What can we say about tea that will truly describe what we feel for it? What we feel when we take a sip after a hard day, or even just a messed up day! But chai isn’t just a one-dimensional thing that makes us happy. Chai has multifaceted roles that it plays every now and then with great aplomb. These include a spectrum that starts with making us healthier and goes all the way in making us dress up and play tea-party. So here are some of the moments that we could only have with tea!

1. Green Tea

Like we could only get that much taste, all that comfort, and up our nutrients with green tea. Seldom are any problems possessing someone who starts their morning with green tea! All those antioxidants you gain from green tea make your brain function better, and also reduce risk of a heart attack and cancer.

2. Masala Chai

Our home favourite, the one stop shop of everything that is reminiscent of simpler and sweeter times. Masala chai reminds us of our favourite time spent with family, preferably during a road trip, taking a pitstop at a dhaba and having adrak ilaichi wali masala chai!

3. High Tea

Scones, tarts, finger sandwiches, and a whole lotta classy behaviour. If you are a true connoisseur of all things schmancy, high-tea is an experience that beats out all other experiences. Floral cups of tea with dainty strainers, and bite sized decadence is as royal as it gets, and we are all there for it!

4. Treat Yourself

What is better than whipping up a big pot of tea, curl up in your favourite home pajamas, and sit on your beloved corner of the room? Nothing in our opinion. The familiarity and the comfort is unparalleled and this is something that you just can’t experience with any other beverage.

5. Middle Eastern Tea

Whether it is Turkish tea, or Irani Chai, or Kahwa; there’s something about tea that warms the soul from within in a hypnotic way. And what can be more engulfing than a euphoric blend.

6. Dainty

Tea also lets you be dainty, it lets you be indulgent, and feel like you are part of a wonderland. Not with any other drink would you feel the softness and joy of a beautifully set table with some tea and some dessert!

7. Lemon Ginger Tea


Try falling sick, and sustaining the illness when there is honey ginger lemon tea. That’s all!

8. Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is an institution in itself, and probably one of the best imports from Japan! Its frothy, its smooth, its aromatic! Matcha tea is that gourmet tea you need to make a basic choice in life! Trust us you won’t be dissapointed!

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