Bears Are The New As Honey Tasters! Here Are The Details

We all know what bears like the best – honey! And they can go to any lengths for it. Recently, a real-life Pooh was caught trespassing a bee farm on camera, trying to steal honey.

The beekeeper Ibrahim Sedef, from Turkey’s northeastern province of Trabzon, did everything in his power to keep the bear away. He got steel cages installed, but they proved no obstacle for the bear, who just toppled them over; Ibrahim then reinforced them with cement, but the bear simply dug the soil around the cages to get underneath them; the beekeeper even put the hives on top of his shed so the bear couldn’t reach them, but the clever little thing climbed the trees, finished off the honey and slid back down the trees. That’s when Ibrahim just decided to change his ways and turn this annoying situation to his advantage.

Ibrahim decided to give in to this honey lover and rather give the bear something handy to do. He made it work at what bears are best at doing- tasting honey. He set up his night vision cameras and poured out different types of honey in different containers. Sedef left it to the bear to decide which ones it liked the most. As it turned out, the bear has an excellent and expensive taste in honey. It were repeatedly attracted towards the Anzer honey while the one it was least keen on was cherry blossom honey.

Mainly made in Turkey, Anzer is not only very expensive, but is also really good for your health as the honey is said to treat ailments such as tonsillitis as well as digestion issues and skin conditions. It’s also packed full of vitamin C and iron. And now, because of these smart bear, Sedef sells Anzer at around Rs. 21,500 for less than a kilo. We guess, it’s time for Pooh to ask his boss for a raise!


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