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Make Your Usual Burger Fancy With These Fillings!

Burgers- the whole world is in love with them. We are pretty much sure that you know how to make one. But is that the burger you love? The one that people notices, one that draws raves. Burgers come in all shapes and sizes and it can also be a bland boring version or a flavourful gourmet burger that you’ll fall in love with instantly.

A good patty, the way the patties are flavoured, the way the burgers are cooked – all contribute to a delicious burger, but the types of toppings added to the burger is the most important. It can both bless a burger or ruin one. When ordinary condiments just won’t cut the mustard, turn your burger into a gourmet creation with one of these toothsome combinations.

Sauted Mushrooms and Pineapple

Imagine the blend of sweet and sovory bursting your taste buds! Besides topping your burger with the standard lettuce and tomatoes, add some sautéed mushrooms and finish it with some pineapple (grilled if possible) and you just want to keep eating. If you want that extra flavor, marinate your burger with teriyaki sauce.

Blue Cheese

Isn’t it just that all our preferences have more to do with cheese when it comes to enjoying the perfectly grilled burger? All the cheese lovers! If you love a stronger, much more flavourful cheese than your average slice of cheddar, add blue cheese to your burger. You’ll find yourself eating silently, eyes closed and ignoring everything around you.

Bacon and Sunny-Side Up Egg

If you think that bacon and eggs are reserved for breakfast, then you’re doing something really wrong. We love these items, celebrate them and they’re always a welcome addition to lunch or dinner. Add bacon and a sunny-side up egg and of course, cheese to enjoy the taste of ‘breakfast’ anytime. You can even put some spicy mayo if you’re up for it.

Black Bean Patty and Hummus

Is being vegetarian a part of the reason that you’re always looking for creative burger recipes? Then here’s an especially delectable patty option for you to try. Go for black bean patty rather than buying your usual run of the mill veggie patties from the local grocery mart. You can also make your own black bean veggie patty and add the very tempting hummus to it and its nothing but delectable.


Don’t we just love avocado with anything? Then why not add it to our burgers? Top your patty with the standard lettuce, tomato and onion and finish it with some slices of fresh avocado. And it’s basically the stuff dreams are made of. You can also add a scoop of guacamole if you have some on hand.

Giant Onion Rings

Let’s try putting a slight twist on the toppings you choose! Getting creative isn’t always you slapping wildly unconventional things on your meat. Top your patty with fried onion rings! These flavourful rings are already burger meal favourites. Just that they were just put beside the burger and not on top of it, so you know you like them.


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