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6 Dishes That Were Made 100 Times Better With Butter

Butter is actually super true to it’s name. It is the smoothest food available and it is delicious to the boot. We came to love butter with feverish delight even if it was perched ever so blithely on a toast. Butter is responsible for making our dishes a hundred times more yum, and its ubiquity is something we look forward. But here are 6 of those dishes that truly became completely different with just the addition of the very humble butter.

1. Butter Chicken

Obviously the OG of all dishes that use butter, of course for the veggie folks there is butter paneer, but the emulsification of truly desi ingredients with butter churning out a gravy that is mouthwatering and absolutely delicious. Up your butter game with having some herby butter naan on the side and trust us this is what food heaven looks like!

2. Butter Noodles

Butter noodles in theory sound a little, well, doubtful. But they really aren’t. They are quite frankly the delightful punch needed to add some zing to the soft texture of noodles. We mean all you gotta do is whip up noodles, add some herbs, some butter, some lemon and voila – you will some lemon butter spaghetti without a trip to Italy!

3. Grilled Cheese

The secret to any good grilled cheese is to cook it, yes cook it, in butter. Fry your favourite farm white bread with cheddar in the middle on a skillet in frothy butter. You may incur some discomfort with sticky fingers for days, but boy will it be worth it!

4. Steak and Asparagus

Well for the cholesterol this one increases, you always have a fall back to asparagus to keep everything in check. This is an oldie goldie with oodles of flavour, goodness of texture, and a plethora of variety. This is that dinner which you cook on a Saturday night to soak up some of that weekend feeling with some comfort food feeling!

5. Gnocchi Sage Butter

This is the la-dee-dah of all la-dee-dahs. Nothing says a mouthful of heaven like some herby butter alongside the softest and chewiest gnocchi is what you make when you want to entertain guests but all the while hope they leave a lot of leftovers. The good old gnocchi becomes that extra proud with the addition of butter and we are glad for that avatar!

6. Butter Prawn

Can we just stand by the skillet as the prawns dance around in a cackle in frying butter? It has truly the most intoxicating aroma and sound plus so visually appetising that we are truly bowled over!

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