Here’s How To Cook The Easiest, Creamiest Caesar Salad!

Looking for the ultimate light but fulfilling dish that there is? We are talking about a creamy Caesar salad with herb grilled chicken that is so delicious, yet easy to achieve. 

The ingredients needed to make Caesar salad can be found in almost every kitchen, and the techniques are essentials everyone should know.


Chicken breast

Clove garlic

Lemon juice

Dijon mustard

Eggs room temperature

Anchovy filets

Light olive oil


Fresh black pepper

Romaine lettuce


Parmesan cheese


1. Heat olive oil in pan and add 3 cloves crushed garlic and torn up crusty bread. Fry until crispy then take out and drain on paper towel. Salt and pepper a chicken breast and rub with olive oil. Then in oven until cooked. About 15 mins on high temp

2. For dressing: In bowl add 2 egg yolks, 6 anchovy filets and 3 clove garlic (both crushed in to paste). Then add 1.5 teaspoons of mustard powder or Dijon mustard. Then salt and pepper. Slowly add 60ml of olive oil to the bowl whisking as you go to create a loose mayonnaise. Add juice of a lemon and taste. Adjust as needed.

3. Take large bunch of romaine lettuce (or any other variety) and coat lettuce in dressing. Then slide up the chicken and add with croutons to top of salad. And voila!

This recipe is by Jasper Reid, Chief Executive Officer of  Wendy’s India, Jamie’s Pizzeria India, and Jamie’s Italian India. Watch him take you through the recipe step by step exclusively on GOODTiMES.

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