7 Cold Recipes That Will Make You Forget Humidity

The time between summertime and monsoon season is extremely hard on us. We are confused between the sweltering sun & heat and the icky-sticky humidity. The productivity is low, lethargy kicks in, clothes are banished, and our appetite goes for a toss. However, just like every problem has a solution this one does too. Some cold recipes that don’t lie cool and detached on the taste, but pack flavours in every bite with no amount of gross pipingness that affect our mood in the terribly hot season! 

1. Dahi Pancake

Whether it is dahi kebab, tikki, or pakoras – dishes whipped from dahi are absolutely delicious and perfect for the season (minus when you just don’t eat them in time and what awaits is the least delicious very sour version of the dish). Dahi pancakes are super easy to prepare and also wonderful for a weekend brunch at home! Try it!

2. Mango Bruschetta

Is there any time the King of fruits doesn’t taste like a dream?! Mango salsa, mango lassi, mango everything – but still mango is something makes us happy about our day! Some chopped mango with your favourite veggies and garnishing will turn your Bruschetta dreams a little sweeter! And cooler!

3. Potato Salad

Cold potato salad with some white onions, some chives, and some basil is aromatic, flavourful, and entirely cool to eat. Plus because it contains such a gamut of different flavours – it is a perfect lunch or dinner meal for when you are sweating away!

4. Fruit Pizza

This is the best dessert we can think of in this weather – our favourite summer fruits on a bed of watermelon, making the fruit pizza not only colourful but also so, so delicious!

5. Caprese Burger

Basil, cherry mozzarella, basil, and burger buns – move over BLT, this Caprese burger will completely change the way you look at junk food in the season. It is crunchy, smooth, tasty, and will cool your insides with every bite.

6. Summer Rolls

Crunchy East-Asian summer rolls are filled with our favourite greens, veggies, soaked in some soy dip – so satisfying in every bite.

7. Dahi Vada

The OG of all Indian dishes – the humble dahi vada with its cold dahi, its smooth vadas, the tangy chutneys – the chaat dish is a favourite of Indians during big events and otherwise too. Plus it is such an accessible thing to prep that breaks monotony.

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