6 Breakfast Foods That Are Perfect For Your Weekend!

Weekend is for food, not even so much for drinks, as much as for food – your eating out happens then, your cheat meals happen then; its as though food is the only thing to get up from your bed on a weekend. But before we launch into the bevy of brunches and dinners, let’s pay a tribute to the comfortable, weekend breakfast. The meal that launches you headfirst into a volley of deliciousness and warmth. With every bite, you feel like slumping into slumber, and you can too – cuz its the weekend!

1. Aloo Paratha

Fulfilling aloo paratha that is super hot, and super chewy – with some melting butter on top, beat that!

2. English Breakfast

To be honest, this is the quintessential breakfast in bed, even if it a little cumbersome and that isn’t properly ~ prim. However, just the amount of carbs and deliciousness you will eat will render you immobile anyway, so might as well!

3. Pancakes

Whether it is lemon curd, or berry compote, or a simple maple syrup – fluffy pancakes can never do you wrong. They are sweet, comforting, and you can literally eat one after the other, and not feel icky!

4. Butter Toast

But, to the very special bread and butter gang in the world, nothing satiates hunger quite well as a simple toast lathered with butter. It is so familiar in its taste, its almost iconic, plus it is SO easy to whip up!

5. Breakfast Pizza

This is pizza essentially, but with eggs so you know its breakfast appropriate. Cherry tomatoes, greens, and some yellow shiny eggs on a pizza based – baked to perfection – this is the breakfast staple we wish was indeed a staple!

6. Donuts

And lastly, the sweetest sinful donut that is glazed to sticky perfection, chewy and fluffy with bites that transport you to a very happy land. Donuts are quite simplistic, but so very satisfying!