Say What?! Apparently Eating Pasta Doesn’t Make You Gain Weight

Think of a comfort food, outside the realm of our traditionally favoured ghar ka khaana, and what you will get is an inkling that draws you towards pasta. Or is it just us? Well even so, pasta is the most wonderful comfort food that exists. A myriad of types, a bevy of sauces, toppings galore, warm to perfection, cool to likeness. But then with every spoonful of the dish we would be reminded of the potential problems it comes with. For one, the weight we could gain from these carbohydrates. However, just like if there were to be any pasta fairies, we bring you the existence of a study that may change the pasta game forever and you will prefer pasta for weight loss also.

As per the good folks at the St. Michael’s Hospital in Canada, pasta has a low glycemic index which means that it is responsible for small increases in blood sugar levels, and doesn’t get absorbed into our bloodstream at a fast pace.

low GI diet

Not only does one NOT gain weight but researchers observed that people eating pasta thrice a week with an already existing low GI diet (glycemic index basically ranks food in order of the rate they break down to form glucose), lost some weight as well! Now if this isn’t good news we don’t know what is! So pick your favorite fettuccine, tagliatelle, ravioli, penne – say what you may – and pour down some sauce (well perhaps not overtly under a vat of cheese) and you will have a fulfilling meal that will not let you gain weight but come with all the goodness of carbs!

low GI diet

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