11 Classic Mithais That You Need To Stock Up On Before Diwali

Woh Diwali hi kya jo mithas se bhari na ho?

Come the month of Diwali and by virtue of timing, our homes are replete with Mithai Dabbas. Whether of a variety of them or layers of the same, there is no denying that you will gain extra kilos in the run up to Diwali, and continue the trend after as well. But some mithais are better than others, and fusion mithais are good for your weddings and other functions – Diwali merits a dessert repertoire full of classics! Here are some of those!

1. Barfi

Easy to prep, easy to acquire, easy to just gobble down. And who can turn down everyone’s favourite – Kaju Katli?

2. Jalebi

Is there any festive morning that is bereft of a Jalebi tower? We think no!

3. Pedha

The best bit about this is the subtlety of taste which is just perfectly textured and ideally sweet!

4. Ras Malai

Oh, do we even have to try to tell you how delicious this spongey little sweet is?! Plus all that ras! Heavens!

5. Gulab Jamun

The OG of all mithais! The most delicious and cardinal of mithais. Gulab Jamun is a must have on Diwali.

6. Rasgulla

Or if you like the slightly coarse texture then go for Rasgulla! However you pronounce it, the taste likability is quite ubiquitous.

7. Karachi Halwa

Oh! What an underrated but classic sweet. The sticky texture and nutty taste is to die for, plus the iridescence in colours!

8. Soan Papdi

Aside from all the residual crumbs you have to clean, this is pretty good in taste. A little rough, very delicious, and absolutely iconic!

9. Motichoor Laddoo

It’s literally the most versatile sweet. It’s beautifully textured and it is bang on the taste. Plus if you must, this is the best sweet dish to binge-eat!

10. Gujiya

Every home’s staple dessert to whip up! What are Indian festivals without these sugary delights?

11. Kulfi 

And lastly, if something cold – something milky is your ideal, look no further than kulfi. It is going to give that punch in the already nippy weather!

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