10 Times Eating Hara Bhara Khana Was Totally Delicious

‘Eat your greens’ is always something that is succeeded by groans and mild protest. Eating your greens usually mean veering to the dark side of life, where you prioritize your health over your taste buds. We mean there are greens which actually – gasp – don’t sing of utmost nutrition. Okay perhaps these dishes are still that smidgen better than the usual white food we consume but these greens are just tool cool for school. They are lathered with your favourite deliciousness all the while still containing their virile green!

Eating green, was truly, never this joyful!

1. Palak Paneer

It truly doesn’t get better than the deliciously warm palak paneer that melts in our mouths with a gamut of flavours.

2. Asparagus and Bacon

No one said asparagus was only feasible as a food option when in a sushi!

3. Zucchini Tikki

Zucchini gives us a bevy of options to try from; baked, spiralized, and now in tikki form. These are perfect for evenings of indulgence without the overpowering guilt of eating heavy choley-tikki!

4. Broccoli Au Gratin

Potato Au Gratin is old news, because now it is all about crunch broccoli seeped in layers of cheese with half a bit o’ nutrition and another of pure decadence!

5. Guacamole and Nacho Chips

What is some green goodness if it isn’t for the third element of a possibly iconic alliteration? Guacamole! Fresh, oodles of veggies, crunch, and colour – guac and chips is where our heart truly lies come whichever weather.

6. Pesto Spaghetti

Comfort and indulgence never had a chance at failing when it came to pesto spaghetti. Buttery, smooth, satiating – eat it on a date-night, with a family or lover or own self!

7. Hari Chutney

Indian meals rarely are complete with a variety of condiments and hari chutney is the OG of it all. Whether with parathas, whether with pakoras, whether in a sandwich – hari chutney is YUM!

8. Matar Methi Malai

Milky, sumptuous, fancy, and just so wow! This rich delicacy is made up of so many greens but these are your fun greens not your regular ones!

9. Green Shakshuka

We mean, who wouldn’t want breakfast that looks like a field of sunshine and greenery?! This breakfast favourite is just as delicious on a bed of green as it is on red.

10. Pudhina Paratha

Lastly – an afternoon staple of all desis and a favoured option at dhabas! These parathas are just so darn fulfilling and appetizing, we can’t even!



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