2010 To 2020: The Decade Where Food Was Always The Hero

Everything changes within seconds in today’s world; so imagine the difference a decade would make. Back when we were partying in 2009, none of us realised how much the food world would progress over the next 10 years. Then, there was no bacon ice cream and keto wasn’t even a word. At least not on most people’s radar. So if you want to reminisce all the food trends over the past decade, here’s a look:

2010- Bacon-flavoured everything

Bacon, of course, has been around for years, but it was the hottest in 2010. From doughnuts to coffee to vodka to ice-cream, bacon simply sat atop everything.

2011- Gluten-free foods

Gluten-free diets were the rage in 2011, even amongst those who were gluten tolerant. Even though it wasn’t necessary for all; gluten-free foods were just everywhere. Restaurants began offering gluten-free options and gluten-free bakeries have sprung up all around the country. And with beer companies jumping on the bandwagon, the gluten free fad wasn’t fading anytime soon.

2012- Unique pasta shapes

All kinds of pasta were already being sauced by chefs. But torchio, campanelle and trofie made their way to our kitchens only in 2012. From then on, pasta suddenly became a sure fire way updating family dinners.

2013- Gin is back!

2013 seemed like the year of gin. From the classic summer favourite of gin and tonic to the revival of genever drinks, it was always a good night for a gin cocktail.

2014- Ice cream sandwich’s ascendant

In 2014, ice cream sandwiches suddenly received a new lease on life. Ice cream merged between cookie doughs became the sweetest divine on planet earth. Especially the ever so famous oreo ice cream sandwich and red velvet, which also added colours to many Instagram feeds.

2015- Food apps

Phone food apps really took off in the mobile world in 2015. These apps allowed smartphone users to buy and use food-related deals and coupons. Further newer innovations keep tabs on delivery outlets and give restaurant recommendations based on popularity.

2016- Super bowls

Meals that pack a punch, conveniently tucked into portable bowls, became the new ‘it’ food in 2016. They are nutritious and incorporate protein, whole grains, vegetables, and delicious sauces into one dish. Super bowls are versatile, and easy to cook too.

2017- Living the healthy life

As people realised that everything they put in their stomach has a long-lasting impact on their bodies, the need for healthy food and neuro-nutrition saw a rise. Zucchini pasta and zoodles, and other plant-based dishes took over the market. People also gave veganism a shot as a huge population in India turned vegan. Further diets trends including keto and paleo also found a place in many wellness schedules.

2018- Rise of regional food

With celebrity chefs travelling through India to explore unknown flavours, regional cuisines got more of a boost in 2018. People were more willing to try authentic flavours from all corners of the country. Likewise, more restaurants focusing on cuisines from far stretched parts of India, and even state specialty restaurants started coming up more.

2019- Fermented foods

Almost all regional cooking in India have their own fermented foods; fermentation is not only a step towards sustainability but also makes nutrients more bioavailable to the body. Probiotic rich fermented foods and drinks saw a popular rise amongst people in 2019.

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