Gifs Of Steak That Will Make You Very Very Hungry

Steaks are the hallmark of a good meal. You have a stuck-up investment banker and he will order steak with paltry portion of peas; you have an intelligent man and he will request a sliver of perfectly cut steak with his favourite wine. You have the in-betweeners and they will have their choice of steak…medium, rare, and well done. This dish encompasses something for everyone, from being prepped with salmon to the ribeye steak with everything else that causes us to go YUM!

Anyway, part of the allure is the very concept of a steak. Which, for every non vegetarian, means a slab of pure meat, marinated in delicious spices and sauces. And to really bring that point home here are some gifs of steak tickling your taste-buds like summin’ else!

Steak Beef GIF

Ribs GIF

Hungry Steak GIF

Meat Grilling GIF by NETFLIX

the aviator steak GIF

food porn GIF

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