Cuisines From Around The World

Cuisines From Around The World You Should Have In India

India exhibits a rich golden history when it comes to food and as years pass, we are only evolving in our food choices. Along with our very own spicy and flavoursome Indian cuisine, we have happily welcomed and accepted numerous exquisite global cuisines with immense love.

We present before you 6 global cuisines which are gaining popularity in India day by day and are a must for you to try!


mexican cuisine

Very simple ingredients giving rise to feisty and fiery dishes. ‘Oooh lala, just too yummy!’ is what Mexican food will leave you saying. The Land of Mexico has gained enough popularity in our country for it’s unique culinary culture and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t! Without a speck of doubt, both the countries love their flamboyant spicy chilies. We just love gorging on our burritos, tacos and quesadillas, don’t we?


Macanese cuisine

Now, here’s an interesting fact: India and Macao share a common culinary history. The Portuguese brought with them the unique flavours of Portugal, when they colonized the two nations. A perfect blend of Portuguese and southern Chinese cuisine, macanese food has been loved by our taste buds, tummy and heart. Macanese juicy shrimps loathed with chilli, garlic and pepper, flaky egg tarts- all things to die for!


French cuisine

French cuisine has something for everyone- from ratatouille to french onion soup to creme brulee. The dishes are so good they have found an international recognition and all that we can say is- “BON APPETIT”


chinese cuisine

Right from 5 star restaurants to road side stalls, Chinese food has made its mark everywhere- manchurian, chow mein, fried rice, chilli chicken and the list is never ending. We have experimented with this food on such a large scale, we have discovered some great chinjaibi recipes too!


italian cuisine

Mama mia! Don’t we drool over the burst of cheese in our mouths every time we take a bite of a pizza and the insanely delicious pastas? Italian cuisine has given us some of our favourite all time favourite comfort food items that we cannot imagine our lives without!


Thai Cuisine

An exotic explosion of flavours, splendid aroma, fusion of the perfect herbs and the right balance of hot, sweet and sour tastes makes Thai food so exceptional. With food items like soups and noodles, Thai food has been relished in our country like no other.

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