10 Snacks Perfect For Your Holi Party Platter

The revelry of spring, sling bags filled with frisky colours, water guns loaded – we are in love with all things Holi. It’s one day where all people come together and drench in colours and have a blast. But is any celebration in India ever possible without food? NO WAY!

So as you gear up to smear each other’s face with bright hues, here’s a guide to bring colours to your Holi platter as well.


No Holi celebration is complete without gujiya. These crunchy flour pastries, filled with sweet fillings are love at first bite.


Spicy and crunchy, kachori is a must-have on every Holi celebration. They are the ultimate snack to munch on amidst all the playfulness.


Smother your sweet tooth with love this Holi and let them dig into some soft, fluffy malpuas.

Chana Masala

No one can resist a plateful of spicy and tempting chanas. It will make your heart and tummy happy and full for sure.

Papdi Chaat

If you miss to include this delicacy into your Holi menu, chances are you might miss out on the footfall.

Dahi Vada

Indulge in a mélange of dahi, spongy vada and a host of spices this Holi and you’ll forget all the hard work then went into making these delicious dish.

Namak Paare

Stack up jars full of these savoury strips to munch on during the Holi celebrations. They’re simply an irresistible snack to binge on.

Saffron Rice

Ditch the good ol’ plain rice and let saffron rice take the center table. Serve the colour of Holi to your guests and wow their taste buds.

Mattar Kheer

If you want to stand out in your niche amidst tough competition, bring on your table this exotic colourful dish. The name might make your guests frown, but the magical taste will win over their taste buds.

Special Thandai

With the temperature rising steadily, escalate the spirit of Holi and let the ‘special’ thandai flow.





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