7 Traditional Delicacies Without Which Holi Celebrations Are Incomplete !

Apart from tossing fistfuls of powdered colors and spattering each other with coloured balloons, food happens to be the best thing about the ‘festival of colors’. Holi, is around the corner and we surely cannot keep calm!

It is one of the most fun festivals where we enjoy binge eating all the gujiyas and malpuas. Well, you can’t imagine celebrations without good food, it won’t feel like Holi unless we have the entire table filled with all the delicacies and  of course instagramming all of it. There are many foods that are given particular prominence during the event, so scroll down  to find out what you must munch this Holi.

1. Gujiyas

Whenever we think of Holi, we can’t really forget gujiya, can we? The crispy treats filled with khoya and dry fruits are originated  from Bundelkhand. These sweet delights are also known as pedakiya in Bihar, ghughra in Gujarat and karanji in Maharashtra.

2. Bhaang

Bhaang is infused with drinks like thandai and lassi. Considered to be associated with Lord Shiva, bhaang is also used to prepare various dishes like bhaang pakoras and gujiyas.

3. Puran Poli

This traditional Maharashtrian dish is basically a a sweet bread stuffed with chana dal mixed with jaggery. It may may also contains cardamom and nutmeg too.

4. Papri Chaat

A yummy snack assorted with crunchy base of papdi, served with chickpeas, boiled potatoes, tamarind chutney and curd is a popular fast food favourite during the festival.

5. Malpua

Indian traditional sweet food malpua is made of crushed banana, coconut, flour and milk, while cardamom provides a little flavour. It is usually served with sugar syrup during Holi.

6. Kachori

Moong dal kachori served with green chutney and tomato ketchup is made with soaked moong dal sauteed with black pepper, garam masala and coriander powder. This recipe goes well with spicy aloo curry and is best when served with thandai.

7. Phirni

Phirni, a sweat rice pudding or kheer is made with ground rice, milk, sugar and nuts. This dish can be treated as a main meal or a dessert depending on whether or not it has been sweetened.

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