These Hot Sauces Are The Reason We Sometimes Breathe Fire

Hot sauces are such a perfunctory ingredient in theory; like really. Who would think that a slight drizzle of some hot sauce can revolutionise not only your taste buds but also your entire meal?! And hot sauces come from a variety forms – from different peppers to different preparations.

From India to Mexico, spicy food lovers rejoice because we will tell you all the sauces that make your life that much saucy!

1. Bhut Jolokia – Chutney

Cultivated in the North East region of India, this pepper is the Queen of sass and sauce. One of the hottest chilli pepper to exist, Bhut Jolokia chutney will make you gasp for air because you would be exhaling only fire, buddy!

2. Peri Peri – Noodles

Surprise surprise, did you know your beloved peri peri actually comes out of Indian soil? We mean all those delicious times you had peri peri chicken, would they even be half as good if not for the pepper? Now just imagine some peri peri sauce, just a tad drizzle in your favourite soupy noodles – or should we say saucy noodles!

3. Tabasco – Bloody Mary

Considered to really give it to you in the gut, Tabasco is pretty much the hottest sauce around and it is responsible for making your weekends fiery; we mean have you ever had a bloody mary that is not swirling with a dash of tabasco? Spicy and heat-y, we recommend this so hard!

4. Sriracha – Chicken Wings

There was a time when Sriracha was considered an elusive sauce. One that your relative or friend from abroad got and changed the way you looked at good old chilli sauce. But then fancy superstores started selling it, and cafes started prepping food with it and before you knew it you were entertaining a bunch of friends with succulent chicken wings with a side of hot hot Sriracha!

5. Chipotle – Fish Tacos

There is a whole food chain named after it, and why wouldn’t it?! Mexican food without chipotle hot sauce amounts to nothing. Crunchy tacos, meaty burritos, or just simply extra spiked cheesy quesadilla – the plethora of flavours with the fierce red of the sauce and the crunchy bites of tacos, and the dash of lemon! Oh my!

6. Salsa – Huevos Rancheros

Every nationality has that egg dish that when provided us for breakfast really makes us giddy with happiness! Huevos Rancheros is that dish indeed, and with the addition of some spicy salsa the dish really goes that extra mile! Who will have any weekday morning blues when served some eggs and salsa prepped to perfection?!

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