Insta Worthy Burgers That Are Making Us Super Hungry

Sure your burger is good, sure it is a hit during brunch, sure your photo of it will rake in likes, but how good looking is it really? Want to know? Just see these and see for yourself!

1. Shroom Shroom

This burger has the deadly combination of leafy greens, mushrooms, and some yum patty! We can already imagine it melting in our mouth

2. Healthy Wealthy

Sweet potato, lentils, lime mayo! That sounds delicious and so super healthy that is such a kicker burger! Plus no guilt after!

3. Black Light

The only grim bit about this burger is its colour. Everything else is just super yum! We mean, greens, olives, mayo! Yes, please!

4. Builder Burger

All about nutrition, this quinoa burger is crunchy, healthy, filling, and quite honestly very pretty! We are absolutely over the moon that something this pretty is tasty and nutritious!

5. Pretty in Pink

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The belle of the burger ball is this pink burger which is so darn pretty we don’t want to eat it. But then we see the filling of cheese, protein, greens, and we are in love!

6. Bhujia Burger

Even though this is probably fancy, it looks like a dollop of bhujia is adorning our favourite food! The burger! The melted cheese is just perfect combined with crunchy bhujia and soft buns!

7. Overall Forest

Tomato, cheese, onion, patty, and the green green buns! The sesame on the burger bun adds such a sprinkle to the colourful green, this one is quite the looker and the taster!

8. Baconater Burger

Bacon. Burger. Two words that are immortal for a foodie especially atop a bed of gooey melty cheese! This is what heaven tastes like.














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