This Recipe Of Pesto Sauce Is Both Easy & Authentic!

Why rely on some store-bought pesto when you can make your own? You can add it to your pasta, to your pizza, and enjoy the texture of the sauce, along side the aroma of pine nuts emulsifying in some olive oil! This sauce is literally too easy to prepare, but to flavourful to not prepare again and again!


Pinenuts – 70gm

Garlic (Peeled)- 12gm

Sea Salt- Two Pinches

Parmesan- 75gm

Fresh Basil – 175gm

Virgin Olive Oil- 200ml


1. Take 70gm pinenuts and blend to a rough mix with 12gm peeled garlic, two pinches of sea salt and 75gm of Parmesan.

2. Add 175gm of Fresh basil and blend. Finish by drizzling 200ml of extra virgin olive oil.

3. Keep in an airtight jar in the fridge. Adjust quantities of less or more needed.

This recipe is by Jasper Reid, Chief Executive Officer of  Wendy’s India, Jamie’s Pizzeria India, and Jamie’s Italian India. Watch him take you through the recipe step by step exclusively on GOODTiMES.

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