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Love Coffee? These Are The Types Of Coffee Houses You Must Know About!

A good coffee house? What comes to your mind when you think of your ideal coffee shop? Coffee obviously but it doesn’t really end there. While you can make good coffee at home, it is the unique atmosphere and the convenience that draws us to one.  

Irrespective of our choices, we want pure caffeine kicking in or just want to enjoy the full flavoured variety. So, going to a coffee bar is a natural extension of every coffee lover’s love for the delicious bean. However, there are different and unique ways to enjoy a well-made coffee amidst a succession of patrons.

Read on to find out which type of coffee bar is the best fit for you and your temperament.


The mainstay of the coffee bar set, cafes are pretty close to being a full time restaurant and are licensed as such. Even though their primary focus is to sell coffee, they also offer lunch and dinner menus and is the most expensive coffee bar concept.


Remember Central Perk? Yes! We are talking about the favourite hangout place of the gang on ‘Friends’. That’s the ideal coffeehouse with comfortable sofas and armchairs, bookshelves for browsing and poetry and open mic nights. Additionally well-run coffeehouses also turn into bustling social hubs.

Retail coffee shops

Dreaming of having a steaming cup of coffee while sitting on your couch? Then a retail coffee shop is the one-stop you got to make while heading back home from work. They focus on selling quality coffee beans so that you can make yourself a wonderful cup of coffee. Additionally they also offer gift-ware associated with coffee like mugs, French presses and special coffee items.

Grab-and-Go coffee bar

These bars sell brewed coffee rather than beans and often provide baked food including cookies, muffins, coffee cakes etc. Typically found in busy locations like malls or bus stations, you can always have a refreshing cup of coffee from these grab-and-go bars after a tiring day of hopping and shopping around. They usually don’t have any seating arrangements and even if they do, it will only be a few tables.

Drive thru coffee shop

Stuck in traffic and yearning for that refreshing cup of coffee? Look out for a drive thru coffee shop! Typically found on busy commuter roads with lots of going-to-work traffic, they focus on providing brewed coffee without actually digging a hole in your pocket. You can also take a few bites of pastries while waiting for the signal to turn green.


If you love caffeine but are also worried about your health, then run straight to a roastery. These roaster retailers roast green coffee beans on site and then sell the beans. There’s no doubt that the markup on roasted beans is healthy but remember to use it as quickly as possible as the fresh roast flavour begins to diminish after a while.


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