8 Macaroni Favourites That Are Easy To Cook, And Delish To Chomp Down!

First things first, macaroni is a type of pasta, but not all pastas are macaroni. And they never will be, because there’s no beating these cute little cheer-me-up pills. In soups, on sandwiches, with salads or going-it-alone, macaroni is a perfect fit for everything. The Italian equivalent of our very own aloo, if you will!

Now that we’ve got you tempted, here are a few macaroni dishes that are sure to satisfy you:

1. Classic Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This just had to be where we start. Macaroni pasta teamed up with generous helpings of cheddar cheese – what’s not to love about this old school staple?

2. Macaroni & Bacon Burger

Is it breakfast? Is it brunch? Nope, it’s indulge-o’clock! Whenever hunger strikes, stack up your favourite bacon burger and make it better with a scoop of macaroni.

3. Minestrone Soup

Picture this – a steaming bowl of vegetable soup with soft pieces of macaroni floating in it. Yep, sure sounds like a big hug in a bowl, doesn’t it?

4. Smoked Macaroni Salad

Liquid smoke and a hint of bourbon whiskey come together to create this beauty. Served chilled, this will be the showstopper at your next house party!

5. Macaroni Chilli

It’s meaty, it’s cheesy and it’s spicy. In all the right proportions, too! Beware, this dish may just transport your taste buds to Mexico.

6. Desi Macaroni

No way we could miss this one! Be it rain or shine, this masala macaroni will always be our go-to chai time snack.

7. Seafood Macaroni

Missing the beach? Relive the memories with a baked lobster, fish or prawn macaroni.

8. Grilled Macaroni Sandwich

When looking for an on-the-go delicacy, don’t bother looking beyond a good ol’ grilled cheese. This one comes with a macaroni twist!



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