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Learn How To Make The Tastiest Japanese Pork Tonkatsu!

Tonkatsu is a Japanese food that consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet and is actually one of the quickest and simplest meals you can make at home. If you simply like deep-fried foods, this dish might just earn a

In The Mood For Some Creamy Butter Chicken? Try This Recipe

Ask a meat eater about Butter Chicken and they’ll speak in words that sound like poetry. There’s something about this tangy gravy orchestrated by aromatic spices, that it enjoys its stature as the best chicken recipe you’ll try. Ingredients: For

Here’s How To Cook The Easiest, Creamiest Caesar Salad!

Looking for the ultimate light but fulfilling dish that there is? We are talking about a creamy Caesar salad with herb grilled chicken that is so delicious, yet easy to achieve.  The ingredients needed to make Caesar salad can be found

Celebrate Easter With These Easy To Make Sumptuous Delights

Easter is a time meant to be spent creating memories with your loved ones. The festivities may look different this year with limited supplies and opportunities but creating the perfect brunch spread for your family doesn’t have to be a

5 Facts About Parsi Cuisine You Did Not Know

If there is one thing that Parsis couldn’t be clearer about, it would be their passionate love for food. Parsis proudly claim their cuisine to be a mix of a number of influences- from their Persian roots, to the Gujarati