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7 Salads So Pretty, You Will Forget They Are Healthy

Are you losing hope on increasing your fiber portions? Despite trying desperately hard, do you find yourself binge eating carbs? We have made a list of lip smacking salads that are bound to save the day and get you to

15 Veggie Burgers That Will Make You Ask “Meat Who?”

Veggie burgers are an elusive and an exclusive bunch. They aren’t riddled with meats and pickles and sauces that make your arteries feel clogged just by looking at them – and neither are they annotated by healthy vegan options which

Chocolate Art You’ve Never Seen Before!

Chefs from across India participated in Callebaut Patissier of the Year 2019, where their culinary passion came together to create chocolate art that was all so drool worthy! Callebaut Patissier of the Year 2019, a nationwide competition driven to challenge

5 Cocktails That You Need To Have This Summer

With the temperatures soaring high, with the scorching heat taking a toll, frosty drinks come to the rescue!  Sangria Summer is basically incomplete without a glass of Sangria in your hand every once in a while. Choose a red wine

10 Snacks Perfect For Your Holi Party Platter

The revelry of spring, sling bags filled with frisky colours, water guns loaded – we are in love with all things Holi. It’s one day where all people come together and drench in colours and have a blast. But is

7 Types Of Pie That Make Sure You Never Ever Cry

In our lives there are always degrees of dualities. There is the Pi, of the geometric fame sending us into tizzies of nervousness, then there is our beloved Pie. Pie and Pi are so different; one makes us cry the

These Hot Sauces Are The Reason We Sometimes Breathe Fire

Hot sauces are such a perfunctory ingredient in theory; like really. Who would think that a slight drizzle of some hot sauce can revolutionise not only your taste buds but also your entire meal?! And hot sauces come from a