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6 Dishes That Were Made 100 Times Better With Butter

Butter is actually super true to it’s name. It is the smoothest food available and it is delicious to the boot. We came to love butter with feverish delight even if it was perched ever so blithely on a toast.

A Love Letter To Tea

Chai. What can we say about tea that will truly describe what we feel for it? What we feel when we take a sip after a hard day, or even just a messed up day! But chai isn’t just a

7 Indian Bakers Whose Instagram Feed Will Make You Drool

Instagram is the hub of visual wonders. And, if you love cakes and bakery, there’s nothing more satisfying than scrolling through the colourful Instagram pages of pretty macarons, dainty pastries and delicious brownies. Pastry chefs who create desserts that are

8 Types Of Vegetarian People We All Have In Our Lives

India – the land known for its diversity and food. From people who won’t eat garlic and onion to people who are craving for meat ever, the nation always has a variety in almost everything. ‘I am a vegetarian’- I

5 Golden Rules To Make The Perfect Kebab

Who doesn’t like kebabs?  The juicy bites are actually delicious to a point that you actually start to salivate, almost instantly. You cannot deny that a lovely platter of juicy kebabs is a great crowd pleaser. Aren’t they just the