Food Trends

Indian Railways Launched Its First ‘Restaurant on Wheels’!

Indian Railways has launched its first ‘Restaurant on Wheels’ at the circulating area of Asansol railway station for the use of both rail passengers and the general public. The ‘Restaurant on Wheels’ was developed by refurbishing two over-aged MEMU coaches

Apparently Haryana Bars Can Stay Open Till 3 am Now

Haryana government has revised its excise policy for 2020-21, bars in Gurugram, Faridabad and Panchkula will soon remain open till 1 am. The new policy makes beer and wine cheaper thereby reducing the licence fees for hotels and restaurants serving liquor. However,

Gordon Ramsay Is Here In Kerala Learning About Malabar Cuisine

Celebrated British chef-restaurateur Gordon Ramsay was in Kannur reportedly shooting for a documentary on Malabar cuisine, which is expected to feature native chefs from north Kerala, especially Kannur.  “The chef had arrived with a large team at The Malabar Beach

Best Tequila Shots

6 Tequila Shots That You Must Try In Your 20s

Tequila and shot drinks are a great way to get the party started. The Mexican-based liquor has spread its name all over the world and is arguably one of the best liquors to take a shot from. Here are 6

A Man Just Bought Fish Worth 13 Crore At An Auction

During an annual fish auction in Tokyo, a man (we presume he is rich, because well, clearly) bought a bluefin tuna for 193.2 million yen that is equal to approximately Rs.13 crore, which is the second highest bid ever made

6 Dishes That Were Made 100 Times Better With Butter

Butter is actually super true to it’s name. It is the smoothest food available and it is delicious to the boot. We came to love butter with feverish delight even if it was perched ever so blithely on a toast.

PETA Claims Beer Is Healthier Than Milk

Alcohol might not be as bad as they say, after all. In a report, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) stated that beer is healthier than milk and they used studies by Harvard Medical School to back their