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5 Facts That Prove Chicken Soup Is Perfect For The Soul

Chicken soup is the best medicinal meal out there. With winter almost here, all of us want to sip something hot. And is there anything better than chicken soup? This particular kind of soul food, with its delicious taste and

7 Changes That Happen To Your Body If You Don’t Eat Meat!

Turning vegan has many health benefits for your body and physical well-being. Go plant based and see amazing changes happening to your body! A plant based diet which emphasizes on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts are is rich

Gifs Of Steak That Will Make You Very Very Hungry

Steaks are the hallmark of a good meal. You have a stuck-up investment banker and he will order steak with paltry portion of peas; you have an intelligent man and he will request a sliver of perfectly cut steak with

Even Your Meat Loving Friends Will Enjoy These Vegan Pizzas

Contrary to many veganism isn’t a fad as much as a concept that needs to co-exist with other dietary patterns. Just like with vegetarianism and non-vegetarianism and pescetarianism – veganism deserves to stick around, especially because it endorses healthy eating

All You Need To Know About Organic, Bio-Dynamic, And Natural Wines 

It’s safe to say that the giants in the wine-making industry don’t like to advertise: Their wines are made from grapes sprayed with pesticides and are tweaked with colourants, thickeners, and flavour enhancers. Staying away completely from these practices consciously

#Indulge: 6 Interesting Twists To Traditional Navratra Food

Who says Navratra food should always include the same old Sabudana filled cutlets or boring refills of Samak ke Chaawal? There is so much more you can do with the unique ingredients which are available in abundance during these nine