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7 Indian Dishes That Work Like Magic With Wines

Wine is always preferred with cheese, or with some exotic dainty cuisine that is perfect for a date night, or a festive gathering. However, have you ever wondered how our favourite Indian khaana fare well with classic wines? Well –

7 Things To Never Say To A Vegetarian

Well, for starters, don’t scowl every time we order food. Being a vegetarian is hard work. We mean, forgoing every time a crispy bacon is in front of us, or when we are travelling abroad and we have to literally

8 Food Options To Lower Your Bad Cholesterol

Whether it’s stuffing your face with an additional puri with aloo ki subzi, or adding that extra serving of fries to our burger meal- we really don’t hold back. But when it shows its effects on our health in the

All About EVOO: The Champion of Oils

It’s better than your usual olive oil, for one. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or EVOO, thanks to its extraction process, is considerably healthier, and of course costlier as well. However, for it’s versatility and health benefits it’s really not an

Your Kitchen Is Now An Art Studio Thanks To This Lady

Ever since we were children, the one food woe that worries everyone is how to make food exciting. And no, we aren’t talking about food styling, or using edible flowers, or even making cuisines just really niche and fancy through

The Banoffee Pie Has A British Legacy Behind It

If there was ever the taste of a dish that we could put to the feeling of love- it would be the perfect combination of chewy bananas, crunchy biscuits, and gooey toffee. When we’re reaching home at the end of

Here’s Why You Should Include A Brunch In Your Daily Diet

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” This is what well-known American author and nutritionist Adelle Davis is famously quoted for. But what about the in-betweens? The teeny-tiny snacks that we keep munching

Dine Like A Celeb At Bollywood’s Favourite Haunts

Would you like the company of some Bollywood celebs to go with your skinny pizzas and vegan desserts? Want to know where to have your next meal under the same roof as your favorite stars? Book an appointment at one

Vegetarians! These Protein Foods Need To Be In Your Diet

For the generation that’s minimizing its carbs consumption, Protein is its only guardian angel! Doesn’t something super healthy and nutritious pops up into our heads as and when we think of something that’s protein-rich. However, unfortunately protein is much easily