7 Types Of Pie That Make Sure You Never Ever Cry

In our lives there are always degrees of dualities. There is the Pi, of the geometric fame sending us into tizzies of nervousness, then there is our beloved Pie. Pie and Pi are so different; one makes us cry the other makes us sigh. And in order to really run that point home we bring you some of the most delectable pies out there. Don’t be fooled because this ride is full of both savoury and sweet.

1. Pumpkin Pie

Because come on, pumpkin pie is OG. It is smokey, it is flavourful, it is buttery, and it is sweet.

2. Apple Pie

Another OG pie but easily accessible and preppable. If that’s a word. Apple pies are familiar and nostalgia addled, and the earthiness of cinnamon and apples is just delicious!

3. Chocolate Pie

We dare you to be sad with a mouthful of chocolate pie. Creamy, sweet, crunchy, and smooth – this is actually lighter and more decadent than your everyday chocolate cake if you let it be!

4. Cherry Pie

Oh the sweet tangy sweetness of a cherry pie. It is decadent and it is refreshing. Plus how gorgeous is the red colour mixed with sugar?!

5. Mushroom Pie

If there is savoury pies, nothing quite beats the aroma and the magic of mushroom pie. It is creamy, it is soft, and the pastry crust is so delicious we call this the most comforting pie to ever exist!

6. Leek Potato Pie

But if you want something relatively more filling in the traditional sense with a sturdy texture, no looking beyond potato and leek. It is smooth, but it is chewy, and that makes it absolutely wonderful!

7. Chicken Pie

Lastly, some chicken onion garlic with a little bit of greens and your non vegetarian dining fare will become decidedly superior!


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