PMS Pampering: Comfort Foods You Will Love!

‘Atithi devo bhava’ is great till it’s about random uncles and aunts visiting you, and leaving you with money. But when it comes to Aunt Flow, we’d like to keep this unwelcome guest as far away as possible. However, with Mother Nature on her side, she’s unstoppable and cries bloody murder (see what I did there?) every month!

Okay then, if your menstrual cycle is dead set on being annoying, we know just how to beat it. With the one true love of the whole world, of course. You guessed it — food! Here’s a list of scrumptious snacks to gorge on when PMS comes a-knocking:

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Can’t seem to stop craving that cheesy, gooey goodness? The humble grilled cheese sandwich is your friend! With just two or three ingredients involved, it’s easy to prepare and a proven mood uplift-er.

2. Fruity Oats Bowl

If you’re looking for a healthier option, look towards a wholesome bowl of oatmeal. Mix it up with your favorite fruits and voila! You have a snack that’s as healthy as it is delicious.

3. Hot Chocolate

Chocolate is to happiness, what Taimur Ali Khan is to Bollywood junkies ⁠— the latter can’t function without the former! Whip up a smooth, hot cocoa to comfort your soul.
PS: Minimise sugar and use dark chocolate for a rich flavour.

4. Chamomile Tea

If an indulgent beverage doesn’t float your boat, unwind with some good ol’ tea. A warm and fuzzy mug of chamomile tea is sure to ease cramps, and spread good vibes across your body.

5. Spanish Omelette

Packed with nutrients and proteins, eggs are a great way to fight off symptoms of PMS. Instead of basic egg recipes, try the decadent Spanish omelette, made with potatoes. Add cheese and veggies to make it more wholesome.

6. Fish Salad

Non-vegetarian is a bit of a gamble during that time of the month, but there’s nothing fishy here! Fish is rich in heart-healing, pain-relieving omega-3 fatty acids. Tender pieces of fish coupled with veggies is the ultimate, guilt-free period snack.

7. Leafy Green Smoothie

Who said comfort food must only be cheesy and meaty? If you’re trying to stay fit, this smoothie will keep you on track even during your periods. Spinach, avocados, cucumbers — there are a host of ingredients to choose from!

8. Banana Brownies

Bake a batch of delicious banana brownies because bananas are great for relieving period-induced stresses. Thinking healthy? Try the vegan, no-bake version.  When bloating and cramping, don’t go bananas. Eat them!




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