These Popular Food Trends Are Aiming At Decreasing Your Carbon Footprint

New Vegan trends are taking over the world- to save the environment and reduce the carbon footprint a new form of eating is overtaking the world – a form of veganism – tofu, tempeh and many more soy products are coming into the mainstream food scene to provide more options for those who do not have those options.

1. Oat Milk 

Oat Milk is the latest trendy non- dairy milk- it is the healthiest non-dairy milk- it has the highest heart healthy content – it also provides one third of your daily beta glucan intake, they help keep cholesterol levels in check.

2. Kombucha

The fermented, slightly alcoholic drink is the new detox drink that we can’t help having all day every day- this Japanese drink is taking the world by storm – it improves the gut and the immune system of the individual.

3. Harissa Sauce

The slightly spicy paste made with red peppers, chilli and other aromatics – it is an easy swipe for tomato paste and has similar nutritional value.

4. Natural Sugars

Stop adding that extra sugar to your coffee,tea and any other drinks you have- instead start using honey to make sure that there is not an excessive intake of sugar.

5. Superfoods

Getting into good superfoods for 2019 is the new upcoming food- it is plant and dairy based- it has a variety of antioxidants which can also help ward off cancer.

6. Snacks from the sea

Seaweed, alage and Salmon will now become the health trend for snacking and becomes a new trend.










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  1. Prabha

    seems very delicious, like to learn how to cook it, I love learning new recipes.

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