The Banoffee Pie Has A British Legacy Behind It

If there was ever the taste of a dish that we could put to the feeling of love- it would be the perfect combination of chewy bananas, crunchy biscuits, and gooey toffee. When we’re reaching home at the end of the long, tiring day- this beloved pie is the only companion we need. But did you know that the Banoffee Pie is British by origin?

Image: Pinterest

The credit for the pie’s invention goes to the owner of a Hungry Monk Restaurant in East Sussex, Nigel Mackenzie and her chef Ian Dowding. Though some American bakeries and eateries claim to have invented it – the dessert has been around since the year 1971. According to the inventor duo, they tweaked an unreliable American recipe for a Coffee Toffee Pie by adding some condensed milk and bananas to it- et voila! The Banoffee Pie was born.

Image: Instagram

The Banoffee Pie turned out to be a thumping success after this brand new innovation. The people of Sussex loved it so much that the Hungry monk couldn’t imagine taking it off their menu. Nestle later added the recipe to their condensed milk tins, and the word “Banoffee” even officially entered the English dictionary. Though the recipe was adopted by many other restaurants throughout the globe, the original was and always will be truly British!