These Foods Have Us Excited In 2018

Food is one force that brings everyone and everything together towards one common goal of deliciousness. Especially with extreme access and recipes at the click of every mouse, we have become extremely conscious of what we eat, how we eat, where we eat. So make sure you are on trend this year with these foods!

1. Booze free Beverages


More power to iced teas, smoothies, and shakes! Boozy brunches, happy hours are all absolutely passé! What’s new and interesting is concocting pretty yummy drinks out of non-alcoholic ingredients and enjoying not being hungover the next day! These booze free beverages are flooding in and filling the void in the market.

2. Plant Based Protein


Veganism is on the hike with the embracing ingredients like tofu , asparagus and no doubt  Indian food is filled with protein having protein based pulses as its major food. With restaurants taking dishes back to plant based roots this trend of meat free food would be on hype this year.

3. Sustainable Seafood


Not so much as a trend but more of a food dare for 2018. Don’t let these creepers go out of your way in your quest to be on point lifestyle wise . So for those of you wondering what Sustainable seafood is either caught or farmed in a ways that consider the long term vitality of harvested species. This definitely is emerging as trend and making us all excited.

4. Croissants with Unique Filling


Universally regarded as one of the most fulfilled food ever, the best bit about Corrisants is its unique and different fillings that melts in the mouth. From chocolate to fresh fruit whipped cream , croissants offers a variety of multiple fillings and taste that won’t disappoint your taste buds.

5. Specialised Tea


We are stumped as you as to how healthy foods became such a raging trend for few years now. From green tea to lemon tea these super healthy specialized drinks have been a major food trend this year as well. You just have to maybe get a little used to the taste , once that is taken care of everything else is sorted.


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