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8 Types Of Vegetarian People We All Have In Our Lives

India – the land known for its diversity and food. From people who won’t eat garlic and onion to people who are craving for meat ever, the nation always has a variety in almost everything. ‘I am a vegetarian’- I am sure this line got all of us thinking at some point what exactly the other person meant. Does he/she have eggs? Or just the chicken gravy? Is it just boneless chicken? Their being a vegetarian is conditional and sometimes the conditions are quite entertaining.

And as we all love labeling and classifying other stuff and people, here we present the types of vegetarians that you must have encountered in your life. Or are you one of them?

#1 Pure Vegetarians

As the name suggests, they are strictly vegetarians. They not only can’t stand anything non-vegetarian on their platter, but can’t even walk through lanes selling meat. The perfect bliss of their life is a shudh shakahari bhojan. They don’t consume garlic and onions as well. Be careful the next time you’re preparing them a meal.

#2 Eggitarians

We all have an eggitarian in our life. I mean, isn’t every third vegetarian an eggitarian? They eat eggs in any form (most of them) but can’t eat mutton or chicken. But they’re very stubborn when it comes to their label and will always quote themselves as ‘vegetarian’.

#3 Caketarians

An extension of the eggetarian family, their love for bakery overcomes everything. They don’t eat eggs but don’t mind eating cakes, breads or cookies to which egg has been added. On all other occasions, they are purely vegetarian.

#4 Majboor Vegetarian

They love non vegetarian delicacies. They are tempted by the very sight of it. We are talking about the vegetarians who feel their taste buds shouting for meat, but are caged in the name of family practice. Just persuade them a little and they’ll turn into a non-vegetarian.

#5 Gravytarians

The aromatic flavours of the gravies of chicken and mutton curry truly tempt them. Their mouth starts watering and when they just can’t resist, they end up eating just the gravy and not the pieces. And to add justification to their vegetarian image, they say, ‘Yaar paneer gravy samajh ke kha lia’.

#6 Calenderetarians

Remember the tuition calendars during the school days? I mean the one that looked like TTS (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) or MFW (Monday, Friday and Wednesday). Well! The same calendar rules also apply to some people when it comes to food. I’ll tell you why. Because they have almost all non-vegetarian delicacies on MFW but not on TTS. Courtesy: religion!

#7 Boozy Vegetarians

Oh! We find this category in almost every party. The friend who after a few pegs down just can’t keep his hand off the chicken tikka. They strictly stick to non-vegetarian food when boozing, otherwise they are pure vegetarians.

#8 Restricted Vegetarians

Now this category of people is aware of every non-vegetarian preparation that exists but not the maa ke haath ka version. They’re strictly vegetarians at home but hog on all sorts of meat out there in restaurants, cafes or anywhere outside. Bring anything non-vegetarian home is a heinous offence for them.




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