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15 Veggie Burgers That Will Make You Ask “Meat Who?”

Veggie burgers are an elusive and an exclusive bunch. They aren’t riddled with meats and pickles and sauces that make your arteries feel clogged just by looking at them – and neither are they annotated by healthy vegan options which make you feel under-nourished. Veggie burgers are that glorious concoction of your favourite vegetables coming together for a chewy patty, some melange of tangy, spicy, sweet thin sauces, and some crunchy veggies to throw in an edible punch that is super delish! From mushrooms as buns, to falafel as the filling, to using a bevy of cheeses from brie to feta – veggie burgers have undergone a revolution and we are here to tell you all the various toppings you can choose from next time you want to have some clean burgers!

1. Chickpea Patty with Arugula, Onions and Gherkins

Chickpea Patty Burger

2. Falafel Balls in a Bun with Peppers, Tomatoes, and Shredded Cheese

Falafel Balls in a Bun with Peppers

3. Spinach and Avocado Patty with Tomatoes and Onions

Spinach and Avocado Patty

4. Feta Cheese, Beetroot, Onions, Microgreens, and Sundried Tomatoes

Cheese Burger with Beetroot

5. Sweet Potato Patty with Avocado Mash and Hummus

Sweet Potato Burger

6. Portobello Mushroom Buns with Rocket, Tomatoes, and Mayonnaise

Portobello Mushroom Buns with Rocket

7. Beetroot Patty with multiple Leafy Greens, Mayonnaise, and Tomatoes

Beetroot Patty with multiple Leafy Greens

8. Raddish, Avocado, and Sundried Tomatoes

Raddish & Avocado Burger

9. Falafel Patty, Tomatoes, and Onion

10. Brie Cheese, Zucchini and Eggplant Slices

11. Cheddar Slices, Medley of Veggies Patty, Onions, Lettuce, and Tomatoes

12. Classic Veggie

13. Oats Patty, Caramelized Veggies, and Onion

14. Chickpea Bun, Beetroot Patty, and Guacamole

15. Spicy Mayo, Lettuce, Onion, Tomatoes, and Paneer Bun