Your Everyday Sandwich Gets The Gourmet Treatment With These Ingredients

Isn’t a sandwich the easiest thing to ever make? Literally two slices of bread, some condiments, lots of toppings – and voila, your hunger pangs are satisfied. But of course, come an event, or a fancy-schmancy get-together and you realise that sandwiches just don’t cut it. You can say they are a little too colloquial and rustic. Or too immature. But that doesn’t take away from their relevance. If only sandwiches were dinner appropriate! Well, your musings are our catalyst. Enter: gourmet sandwiches. This is what they entail!

1. Fig and Brie

Starting off with this lip-smacking combination of deliciousness that mixes the absolute smoothness of brie with the sweet chunkiness of fig. It is so many flavours in one taste that we literally melt.

2. Microgreens

Even though these are just, well, leaves and plants and in betweeners, a bevy of microgreens can give your palate different tastes and textures in one meal with some bonus lightness that makes these sandwiches perfect for dainty tea parties.

3. Pancetta 

In the hierarchy of pork, pancetta sits a little above the elusive pancetta! This really does make it gourmet, if you ask us.

4. Caviar

Well, after you have procured this that is, nothing says la-dee-dah than some nibblets, orange and black, beautifully upon some bread (preferably Ezekiel) and this sandwich will become your go-to for some fine dining!

5. Truffle

Again, if you can acquire it, nothing like it. It may be a taste that is not for all, but what a sublime taste it is! Add some mushrooms for extra texture and you are good to go.

6. Avocado

Well, whaddaya know? Avo sandwiches that aren’t using avo mash are just as fancy. Some avocado slices, with some zucchini, some summer squash on rye bread is so delicious and refreshing. Even though the ingredients might put a big hole in your pocket, each bite will be worth it.

7. Asparagus

Butter, asparagus, bacon. Nothing will ever beat this combination, and between farmwhites we can assure you that this is a winning meal!

8. Salmon

The smooth salmon wins for being a punchy ingredient, plus its quite healthy with massive antioxidative properties. So not only are you being healthy, you are also being conscientious.

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