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10 Comforting Asian Delicacies That Will Instantly Get You In Festive Spirit

Winters are synonymous with indulgence, especially when we’re talking about Asian delicacies. A steaming hot bowl of broth, with some juicy dimsum on the side can make any cold winter day better – but we’ve got you more than just these two options. Read on.

1. Mud-Apple & Banana Smoothie

A delicious blend of mud-apple, or chickoo, with banana and dates – this smoothie is as wholesome and healthy as it sounds. While the beverage is perfect for winters, if smoothie is not really your thing – you can opt for a Lemongrass Jasmine Iced Tea that is going to refresh you instantly.

2. Crispy Duck Salad

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Crispy fried duck, tossed over a bed of lettuce and micro-greens. This no-nonsense salad could be an appetizer or a meal in itself. Depending upon how much you want to eat. But the duck itself is a reminder that winters are here!

3. Zucchini & Edamame Truffle Dimsum

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Edamame with truffle oil delicately wrapped in zucchini. This one is a burst of flavours your palate will remember for a long, long time!

4. Oyster Chili Mili Fish Roll

Love fish in your dimsum? You’ve got to try the juicy fish dimsum that’s got fresh river sole and radish. This particular dimsum can warm you up and soothe your soul at the same time.

5. Shitake Maki Roll

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Mushroom in our sushi? Yes, please! Shitake lovers have got to try this maki roll, that’s also got sweet potato, carrot and cucumber in it. Just a warning, you won’t be able to stop at one, so order yourself a full portion.

6. Crunchy Grill Eel Oil Sushi

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As fancy as it sounds, the eel oil sushi is a winner when it comes to non-vegetarian sushi. It’s light, fancy and delicious; and is an absolute must-try for fish-eaters.

7. Vietnamese Pho

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Just a hot bowl of broth, rice noodles, veggies and chicken – waiting to be to be consumed on a cold, winter evening. Need we say more?

8. Spicy Duck Ramen

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Winters call for some spice, especially in our ramen; and this season-specialty is made up of exactly that, and a lot more. Think roasted duck and sunny side eggs, too. Slurp.

9. Veggie Hot Basil Skewer

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Imagine the season’s best and freshest veggies, on one skewer! Pumpkin, broccoli and mushroom glazed with chili basil and served to you, like a boss!

10. Chicken & Pork Roulade

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The name in itself, says it all. Chicken, bacon, basil and fresh red chili – all really need to comfort your inner child, who just does not wish to get out of that cozy warm blanket!

You can find all these dishes on the Tokyo Winter Menu at You Mee, M-27, Ground Floor, Greater Kailash Part II. Cost for two should be something around Rs 2,000++.

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