5 Healthy Chips And Dips For Your Fitness Conscious Diwali Guests

Nachos are extremely irresistible. But hey, Lord need not have mercy on your diet, because here are the most healthiest, yet tastiest nacho flavours available for you to gorge on. This Diwali light up your homes with a healthy makeover as you turn into the most impressive host. 


Beware, this one is kind of addictive. Made with quinoa, chia seeds and flax seeds blended with corn masa, how can it not be wholesome? Cornitos combines the health benefits of Corn in Exotic flavours.

Best paired with: Chunky Salsa Mild Dip


It’s not just you, even your guests love those crunchy chips, add the health benefits of beetroot to your party and snack away, mindlessly.

Best paired with: Cheesy Dip Jalapeno


If you’re that person at the shopping mart who’s always looking for a gluten free, cholesterol free munch, this flavour is your jackpot.

Best paired with: Cheesy Dip Chipotle


Enjoy a burst of flavours, this tang will tingle your taste-buds in the most delightful way. Want to get your hands on it ASAP? Click here.

Best paired with: Cheesy Dip Ranch Cucumber

Sea Salt

And if you love nothing but the simply salted tortilla chips, this one will cheer you up and your health instantly.

Best paired with: Chunky Salsa Hot Dip

Worrying where you’d find these yummy sounding dips? Head on to www.cornitos.in. However, you can always whip up a low fat version of salsa, guacamole, or a creamy avocado dip! Cornitos Nacho Crisps are Gluten Free, cooked in healthier corn oil, is zero trans-fat snack. Cornitos are made by the Mexican lime-treatment process of making traditional masa using Stone Ground NON-GMO corn, which is procured through contract farming.



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