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Lucknowi Must Eats: These Dishes Will Have You Drooling Instantly!

Lucknow is literally a euphemism for food! The land of Awadhi cuisine treats you to one of the best and delicious tastes that you can get in the world. From a wide range of lip-smacking kebabs to drool-worthy sweetmeats, the city is a heaven for foodies. So, here we present the 5 must-have delicacies in Lucknow the next time you visit the city.


Kebabs define the taste of Lucknow like no other; they’re the delicacy of the City of Nawabs that you can find almost everywhere in different taste and flavours. From galauti kebab to tunday kebab to boti kebab, the amazing taste, the crispy layer and the soft filling rule the streets of Lucknow.

Lucknowi Biryani

For a culture well versed with Nawabi royalty, biryani may seem to be a very usual dish. Hence, no wonder Lucknowi biryani stands out among the rest. Flavourful and aromatic pieces of chicken or mutton surrounded by a plate full of fluffy, long-grain rice is too good to miss out on.

Kulche Nihari

It won’t be wrong to say that this particular dish is the heart of Lucknow dishes and is one of the most mouth-watering dishes that you can ever try in in the city. Imagine tender pieces of meat marinated in an exotic spice rub and cooked overnight, stuffed into freshly baked tandoori kulche. This dish will give you a unique flavor of Kulcha and Nihari which is a hard combination that you can’t stop yourself from falling in love with.

Tokri Chaat

Chaat has always been our favourite go-to snack; and when it’s Lucknow’s Tokri Chaat, it’s a feeling of satiation like no other. The crispy aloo tokri loaded with tikkis, papdi, lentil fritters, chickpeas, and sweetened yogurt is simply too good to ignore. The very mention is making our mouths water!

Rogan Josh

The very mention of Rogan Josh makes us go weak in the knees. Soft meat in spicy curry, this delicacy warms you up from the inside. Even though you might have tried Rogan Josh in other places, you haven’t really tasted it if you haven’t tried it in Lucknow.

We got you drooling, didn’t we? So now head onto a 15 day royal themed food festival to give an ode to the last Nawab of Awadh Wajid Ali Shah, Jashn-E-Lucknow. Happening from 15th November to 30th November, 2019 at Edesia at Crowne Plaza Today New Delhi! 

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