Glazed To Jelly, The Reason Why We Love The Humble Doughnut

From celebrating our first salary to being there for our PMS mood swings, you have seen us through it all. Each birthday party and every midnight craving feels fragmentary without you. Dearest donut, my comfort food, you are irreplaceable.

On account of Doughnut Day, we decided to show our love to our favourite breakfast and best-loved tea time snack. With pastry chefs coming up with all new, exciting flavours, there are certain doughnuts that have withstood the test of time. Be it powdered sugar doughnuts, which justify the phrase old is gold, or the ever so chocolatey Death By Chocolate, honestly, nothing makes us feel more alive than these soft, delicious doughnuts melting in our mouths the moment we dig in our teeth.

Our best loved flavour though? Well, it is impossible to choose one. So many toppings, so many fillings. All of them, beautiful, inside out. It is believed that doughnuts were brought to the world by the Dutch people, and really, what have they ever done other than creating masterpieces?

We know you have started going to the gym, but if you have a fondness for desserts, then well, we suppose you deserve this cheat-meal. After all, We The People of Doughnut Planet, believe in embracing shapes and sizes. As long as you’re sweet, that’s all that matters.

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