A Love Letter To Popcorn

Butter! Lots of butter! The popcorn-butter pairing is as quintessential as the popcorn and a movie connection. The delicious buttery goodness messing up with the corn kernels is just beautiful. But do you know what’s better? Cheese! Real cheese poured over fresh popped popcorn that guarantees to make your fingers orange and taste buds happy, heartwarmingly joyous. The salty, tangy, pungent cheddar that coats our fingers in a layer so thick and sticky that it can’t be merely licked off – it requires dedicated teeth scraping action shoots us up in the sky with pure ecstasy.

Oh popcorn! You’re such a treat. From movies to live events, from relaxing in the park to cozying in our homes, you being with us just make everything better. Your fluffy yet crunchy nature satisfies us and your enticing aroma gravitates us towards your warm, fresh-popped perfection.

While we agree that even you need a change of dresses and we don’t mind you with caramel or bacon or Italian seasonings even though the traditional salty-buttery is our favourite. But you adorning yourself with pumpkin? Coconut? Shrimps? That’s betraying us right in the face. We hate to see you walking away from the traditional salty version that is tied up with a lot of fond memories. From movie nights with family to date night with teenage love!

However, since you’re our favourite pastime, we will keep going back to you. You’ve been there for us always and helped us make memories that possibly can’t be erased. So no matter how many flavourful dames you date, we will still love you constantly and endlessly. And irrespective of what flavour you’re dressed in, your heirloom kernels don’t leave hulls. WE LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!

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