Bucket List Khana

A Love Letter To Spaghetti

Ever loved something truly complicated? Something that had so many entanglements but ultimately worth the effort of peeling away every layer till the very end? Spaghetti is the original gangster of comfort food. It is the food you enjoyed as

Bucket List Khana

Love Letter To Bacon

Some women love flowers and some love shoes. But none can understand true love better than the woman who loves bacon. The crispy, smoky, delicious bacon makes our hearts flutter romantically. The only food that’s salty and sweet at the

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10 Fun Chaknas For The New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year time again! In just a few days, we’d be setting foot into a brand new year – 2019. Let’s admit it; most of us have already started prepping for it. From picking the best outfit to food