Food Trends

PMS Pampering: Comfort Foods You Will Love!

‘Atithi devo bhava’ is great till it’s about random uncles and aunts visiting you, and leaving you with money. But when it comes to Aunt Flow, we’d like to keep this unwelcome guest as far away as possible. However, with

Food Trends

Low Calorie Drinks You’ll Want To Sip On Everyday

There is something extraordinary about a light, refreshing and fizzy drink in your hand on a sweltering summer day. If you are switching between smoothies, fat-filled iced lattes and cocktails, you are easily racking up more than a thousand calories

Bizarre Food

Beer Ramen: All About This Totally Crazy Combo!

As bizarre the name sounds, beer ramen is trending all over Canada and recently Singapore. Beer ramen is basically a dish similar to the Japanese soba. Made with vegetable broth, noodles and egg white, this dish resembles ‘beer’.  So all

Food Trends

The Easy Fudge: Our True Dessert Love

Our favourite confectioneries, milk and chocolate, went ahead and made a baby – the soft and gooey fudge. It’s addictive and rightly so, the texture and the flavours are to die for. Arguably the most underrated treat, a fudge can

Food Trends

World On A Plate: A Food Lover’s Delight

Over 3000 food lovers flocked to season 4 Bangalore edition of World On A Plate, India’s biggest gourmet festival! Touted to be Bangalore’s biggest edition till date, WOAP saw over 5 Celebrity Chef Masterclasses, 22 food pop-ups by exceptional restaurants

Bucket List Khana

A Love Letter To ‘Kaali Dal’

Dear Dal Bhukara, I owe you my life.  It’s no coincidence we met. The feeling that the fabric of life has rippled comes from the love that ignited at first sight. You give me more than just butterflies. Utterly buttery, velvety