Kim Bum On “The Tale Of The Nine Tailed” & Fan Support In India

An actor who needs no introduction, Kim Bum for most has been synonymous as So Yi Jung, one of the key F4 members from the cult classic Boys Over Flowers. Since then the talented actor has gone on to prove his versatility in hits like “Tale Of The Nine Tailed”, “Ghost Doctor” and “Law School”, is back again as Lee Rang in “Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938”.

A sequel to “Tale of The Nine Tailed”, the story goes back in time, once again bringing to the fore Kim Bum’s Lee Rang’s volatile relationship with his brother Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook).

Produced by Studio Dragon ,“Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938”, has been ranking in the top ten list across 19 countries. A scene stealer Kim Bum won critical acclaim in his portrayal of the complex half human and half gumiho character Lee Rang.

In an exclusive with GOODTiMES, the actor talks about revisiting his popular character, his process and message for Indian fans.

GT: Hello from India and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Lee Rang in ‘Tale of The Nine Tailed’ has many layers to him. He may come across as a mischief maker but he is someone who is dealing with issues. So when you had first got this character, how did you approach him and what attracted you to the story? And being back as Lee Rang do you feel you now know him better and has he grown on you? What’s exciting about this show since we are going back in time?

Kim Bum: It is a pleasure to meet you, too. When I first approached Lee Rang, I thought simply. I thought of Lee Rang as an innocent character who just wants to bother and mess around to get attention from the person he likes, similar to a child. I was attracted to this story because I was intrigued by the script, which is based on Korean legends and tales with a modern, fun twist. For those who have watched season 1, they will know that Lee Rang has many scars, and he only looks up to his older brother. It will be exciting to see what the year 1938 was like for Lee Rang and how future Lee Yeon’s appearance affects and changes him. To use a Marvel analogy, it’s like the Avengers story at the time when Captain America and Hydra were present.

GT: With K Dramas doing well globally, breaking viewership records and K drama actors now household names across the world. Do you feel it has impacted storylines and challenged actors?

Kim Bum: There were no changes or impacts that were made on ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed.’ We have always been sharing our stories, just as we are now, and we are grateful that people are listening to them. Because we will continue to do so for those who watch our stories, it has not challenged the actors ‘more.’ We have been challenged ‘constantly’.

GT: You are very versatile and multi-talented. what draws you to a project, is it the story, the director or your character?

Kim Bum: I am grateful and flattered to be referred to as multi-talented. The storyline and the universe it contains are what I consider more when I decide on a project, as it contains everything. The character is just a part of it, with its own storyline in the background.

GT: For someone who has done all sorts genre, fantasy, medical, melodramas, which is most challenging, do you have a favorite genre?

Kim Bum: Working in a new genre, collaborating with new individuals, and expressing novel emotions always presents challenges. Hence, it is difficult to single out one genre as the most challenging. Personally, I have a fondness for cerebral, detective-based genres or large-scale projects that encompass an unprecedented epic universe.

GT: You have a huge fan following in India for years ever since Boys Over Flowers, were you aware of the same? Also any plans to travel to India and meet your fans?

Kim Bum: It has been over a decade since ‘Boys Over Flowers’ came out, but it still sticks with me. This show helped me realize that there are people outside of Korea who love me and watch me. Though they are far away, their sincerity always reached me, and during my break and in times of sadness, the fans’ energy changed them into grateful times. I don’t have a specific plan, but I hope to visit India and meet my fans in the nearest future.

Studio Dragon has emerged as one of the key story tellers. With mega hits such as The Glory, Crash Course in Romance, Under the Queen’s Umbrella, Little Women, Alchemy of Souls 1,2, Crash Landing on You, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay to its credit, the studio has an exciting line up for the next quarter, which includes, “See You In My 19 th Life” , “Celebrity” and many others.

Picture credits: Studio Dragons