Exclusive: Kim So Yeon On Working With Lee Dong Wook

“Tale Of The Nine -Tailed 1938”, the much awaited sequel to the 2020 hit “Tale Of The Nine Tailed” has been holding fort on viewing charts. The drama headlined by Lee Dong Wook who once again returns as the charming gumiho, but what has not changed is the love hate relationship between him and Lee Rang (Kim Bum). Joining the cast in a pivotal role is actor Kim So Yeon (The Penthouse).

In an exclusive with GOODTiMES the actor spoke about collaborating with Lee Dong Wook, the action sequences and her iconic character from “The Penthouse.”

GT: Hello from India and you look just amazing as the Mountain Goddess of the West” Ryu Hong Joo. What was it like coming on board this show which has had a popular following. What drew you to the drama and to your character?
Kim So Yeon: Firstly, as a fan of Season 1, I was very excited to join in in season 2. I personally love fantasy, so when I was offered the role, I accepted without thinking twice. (laughs) I wanted to challenge myself to do a fantasy drama for I don’t know if there ever will be another chance!

GT: You are also doing a lot of action in this drama, how challenging was it? How was it work with Lee Dong Wook?
Kim So Yeon: I have been training diligently at an action school for the first few sword fighting scenes. I have experienced action scenes before, but sword fighting was entirely different. I practiced with a sword that is heavier and longer than the actual sword used in filming. At first, I couldn’t even swing it across. (laughs) I am relieved to see how the scene turned out in the show, as many have helped with the process. And Lee Dong-wook was like the central figure of the set. He was an actor I have always wanted to try working with, and getting the chance to do so was exciting, and thanks to him, I had a lot of fun on set.

GT. K Dramas have given us amazing stories with very strong female characters. You yourself have played very strong characters. What is your process and method. What draws you to a project, the story or your role or anything else?
Kim So Yeon: Once I assume a character, I immerse myself in the character from that moment on. The image of the character is formed as I determine how I can act as though people would feel the life this character has lived through by the words they generally use and the facial expressions they frequently display. Deciding on a project is connected to understanding the character, as whether or not I can live and breathe the role is what I consider most important.

GT. With the growing popularity of Korean content world wide, what change have you observed. How is it also challenging actors and filmmakers in terms of stories?
Kim So Yeon: I think it’s clear that the content is more diverse. Like traditional Sageuk (historical dramas), I believe our drama has the responsibility to be the storyteller of Korean traditional folktales throughout the world. As a messenger that delivers Korea’s charms, and as one of the actors in the cast, I work with more responsibility.

GT. You were our favourite antagonist with your portrayal in The Penthouse. You are very popular in India.  In your career spanning over two decades you have done all sorts of genres. Do you have a dream role or a genre you want to do? And any plans to visit India?
Kim So Yeon: I am grateful that many loved ‘The Penthouse.’ If I get the opportunity, I would love to visit India to say hi. I would like to participate in a variety of genres, instead of just one. I hope to show you a new version of Kim So-yeon through my next performance.

Produced by Studio Dragon ,“Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938”, has been ranking in the top ten list across 19 countries. The studio has emerged as one of the key story tellers, with mega hits such as The Glory, Crash Course in Romance, Under the Queen’s Umbrella, Little Women, Alchemy of Souls 1,2, Crash Landing on You, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay to its roster. Studio Dragon’s line up for the next quarter, includes, “See You In My 19 th Life” , “Celebrity” and many others.

Picture credits: Studio Dragon