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Mastering The Art To Being A Junkie

I hate junk! I love junk! I junk all the time! I need to stop junking! Much has this word been maligned. But is there a definition? Do we offer it some perspective? No, it’s a blind rationale to categorize

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Care and Cleansing of Crystals and Gems 

Healing and empowering crystals are becoming a more and more popular way to indulge in some self-care these days. Because really, who doesn’t want a pretty gem or crystal around them all the time, especially if they have dual purposes

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5 Indian Doodlers You Need To Know Of!

Doodlers and illustrators on Instagram are all the rage. They are known for their hilariously quick wit, extremely relatable content, and awe-inspiring doodles and designs. Their posts are a must on your feed, if they aren’t there already- trust us,


Shradha Salla Horoscope: 14th September

Aries You might find yourself thinking about a possible vacation. You’ve worked hard during the last few months and feel you deserve a break. This year you’re likely to want to do something different from the norm, perhaps travel to

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