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7 Facts About Holi We Bet You Didn’t Know

Bright shimmering colours, water balloons, water guns and thandai- all these are synonymous with Holi. Today is the festival of colours where people from all corners of the country come together to rejoice and celebrate. This is the time when

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6 Simple Yet Powerful Ways To Make Someone Happy

Making someone happy has nothing to do with showering the person with gifts and luxuries of the world. Sometimes it’s the simple words and small acts that actually makes a big difference in someone’s day. And only once you make

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8 Ways To Get Over That Painful Break Up

There’s no beating around the bush- breaking up… straight up blows. Even if you were not head over heels in love, splitting with someone you’ve spent a significant amount of time with is painful, twisted and confusing. It’s hard to

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