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21 Of The World’s 30 Most Polluted Cities Are IN INDIA

According to the World Air Quality Report 2019 compiled by IQAir Air Visual, Ghaziabad is the most polluted city in the world, followed by Hotan in China, Gujranwala and Faisalabad in Pakistan and then Delhi in the fifth place. The

How To Make Sense Of All The News Around You

Ignorance is bliss. And these words never seemed truer than in today’s climate. There is an influx of news that is all but cheery and happy. For that matter there are times when you feel like you want to do

Coronavirus: Armani Stages Fashion Show Behind Closed Doors

Conde Naste artistic director Anna Wintour took her usual spot in the front-row of Dolce&Gabbana amongst handful of people wore protective masks. The Italian National Fashion Chamber said in a statement early Sunday there were no indications from health officials that