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5 Of The Most Unusual Sheet Masks We Came Across On The Internet

Sheet masks are good for hydrating, moisturising and providing youthful and glowing skin. From Vitamin-C sheet masks to Grapefruit sheet masks there are loads of options to choose from. But we also stumbled upon some unusual ones with the most

Swanky B-Town Celebrity Homes That We Can Only Dream Of Owning

It’s no secret that B-Town celebrities own lavish homes. We low-key want to trespass their luxurious properties but, we know that’s a far-fetched dream for now but, who said this is an impossible task?! Pictures toh dekh hi sakte hain!

5 Bad Habits That Are Actually Signs Of Intelligence

While we are often asked to do away with our bad habits, it turns out, some bad habits are actually signs of intelligence. No, we aren’t making this up, this theory is backed by science. Just like these, for example:

10 Healthy Breakfasts Bollywood Celebrities Swear By

Have you ever wondered what your favourite actors do to stay fit apart from exercising? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s their diet that plays an important role. If you want what they have, we have researched a list of