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Afghanistan’s First All-Women Orchestra Goes Global

To be a woman in Afghanistan is a challenge. Oppression, discrimination, negligence and abuse are synonymous with their daily lives. Though Taliban control is not as strong as it used to be in this Asian country, influences of the terror

A Love Letter To Barbie

Most of us growing up played with Barbie Dolls. If we are being completely honest, even the boys did. Barbies were an integral part of our childhood, never mind the naysayers. But they weren’t just pretty little playthings – if

6 Ways Women Can Support Other Women

From helping you out with a spare sanitary towel in office, to checking if your dress is all okay in the middle of a busy street, to taking your sides against every philandering boy you have ever met. Women are

10 Books By Indian Women Authors Everyone Must Read

Much like in science, global literature has been annotated by success stories of men. Women authors have been far and few in between, which is a travesty because women weave narratives unbridled. Stories written by women offer the subtle intensity

7 Women Mathematicians Who Are Super Inspiring

How many mathematics prodigies are you aware about? While Einstein, Newton, Aryabhata are at the tip of our tongues, can we say the same when it comes to women mathematical geniuses? Women have been discouraged to apply their minds to

8 Indian Women Scientists Who Will Inspire All of Us

Women are purveyors of life itself. Their roles in society have long been dictated by a parochial outlook, the sheer grit with which women have achieved so much is a testament to how the said parochial outlook was never a

How To Make Sense Of All The News Around You

Ignorance is bliss. And these words never seemed truer than in today’s climate. There is an influx of news that is all but cheery and happy. For that matter there are times when you feel like you want to do

Why We Should All Calm Down About Board Exams

‘How much did you get in Science?’, ‘What’s your Math score?’, ‘Who scored the most?’ and the worst ‘Why couldn’t you?’ – These questions are uncalled for since the time we walked in nursery. And it’s there with you even