10 Things To Be Hopeful About Now That Homosexuality Is Legal

With Section 377 officially gone, responsible and empathetic Indian citizens have won a battle quite grave, and one that will ultimately be quite important in winning the war against societal and cultural untowardness! And the war is paved with obstacles, but with homosexuality decriminalised in India we look forward to a new beginning filled with hope and optimism. And these ten things that will now be possible!

1. There will be Less Hatred. With a judgement that proves love is above and beyond and a person’s right to their own self is paramount the atmosphere begets less hate, less jealous, less negativity, less insecurity. The difficult vibes make way for harmony.

2. We will be more Hopeful About Choices. Our choices, our lifestyle paradigms are what makes us who we are. We don’t have to draw pros and cons over possible infractions, and can embrace a wave of free choices. We can literally choose someone or something, and have no part of an establishment regard it as detrimental.

3. With homosexuality legal, we can finally move towards a Heterogeneous Society, a society that regards everyone in it’s realm equal. Where everyone co-exists and co-habituates without having to conform to stereotypes.

4. We can also hope for endless Inclusiveness. We will no longer be an outcast, we can look forward to a time when are in a world where there are no exclusive branches to being accepted, where we can be as weird, as different, as non-conformist, as atheist, as believing, as anything we so please to be!

5. Once LGBTQIA community gains the rightful deserved place they have in the society, can we accept trans, female, male, them, she, he, all of us to be looked at same. We will all have the same agency, we will all be our own-selves first, and not constructs of society. There will be Less Discrimination Based on Gender. And that’s true utopia.

6.  Plus there will be Fluidity. There will be acceptance to be and to let people be their vibrant selves, experiments and quirks welcome! We can hope to understand ourselves better over a course of time and help people around us understand themselves better so we are in a mature albeit a cheerful society!

7. And what happens to a society that is mature? They become More Tolerant! They don’t crack you down on the slightest criticism, they don’t jump down your throat if you so choose an alternative to their dominant narrative. They understand that a society is best united and most functional when all its elements are together bringing in different perspectives!

8. We most definitely now have Trust in The Constitution. We know that ultimately the tenets of our freedom struggle and the principles in our constitution hold victorious. It is the semblance and balance of our duties with our rights that truly help is in the need of the hour, and we need to be aware of them, and we need to exercise them.

9. There is scope for More Communication. A society that is open to it’s people being free also lets unfiltered space for those people to talk about a myriad of things amongst themselves. Families can talk, friends can talk, townhalls between country representatives and their citizens can happen. Communication will flow, if people feel welcomed and acknowledged!

10. And lastly, there is hope for More Love to go around. There is hope for so much love, so much togetherness, so much sorority and fraternity and marriages, and love-making, and camaraderie, and an umbrella of belonging that will truly unite all of us because there is nothing sweeter, nothing more sincere, nothing as beautiful as love.

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