20 Times Women Didn’t Have To Think Twice

As a woman, I never understood the need to explain to people that women deserved equal treatment in all spheres of life to men. I never understood why there was a need to discuss it, when it is such an inherently easy thing to do! Why is it that people have a warped sense of idea about gender equality? Who died and made the society this unflinching authority on all things gender! Why when two humans have the same capacity to do everything are divided on the basis of an antiquated idea? Who thought that a woman has to take her husband’s last name and not vice versa; who thought that text books should regale the idea of a father (not mother, never mother) saving for a son’s education and a daughter’s marriage; who thought that a woman didn’t need to be in the work-force to be a financially independent part of the society?!

As a girl, I write these 20 points keeping in mind, exactly those things that a woman can do without giving it a second thought. #GirlsSupportGirls

1. When she wanted to play with toy-cars, action figures, and also barbies as a kid

2. When she wanted to be part of a sports team when she got older

3. When she wanted to study more than just an undergraduate level

4. When she wanted to learn more, and more and get the job of her dreams

5.  When she wanted to wear whatever she wanted, and sauntered about wherever she wanted.

6. When she wanted to travel the world alone

7. When she could go out of home without a trace of make-up

8. When she wanted to wear something short, and her legs weren’t waxed

9. When she didn’t want to get married

10. When she didn’t want to give up on her career, because of marriage

11. When she didn’t want to take her husband’s last name

12. When she didn’t want to smile or be polite just to validate a man’s ego

13.When she had to stay back at work during night

14. When she wanted her husband or boyfriend or father or brother to treat her as an equal

15. When she didn’t want to just sit at home and cook

16. When she wanted to rule a country

17. When she wanted to be paid the same amount as the man who does the same work as her

18. When she didn’t need to ascribe to a particular body-size

19. When she didn’t want to be objectified

20. When she wanted to say no

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