33-Year-Old Muslim Man Appointed Head Of Lingayat Mutt In Karnataka

In a first, a Lingayat mutt in Gadag district of north Karnataka has appointed a Muslim man as its ‘peetadhipati’. 33-year-old Dewan Shareif Mullah was appointed the next pointiff of Muruga Rajendra Mutt in Astuti village.

The man was ordained by Sri Murugarajendra Koraneswara Swami who said, “Nobody asked me to do it. The almighty came in my mind and guided me.”

They have put the sacred thread and given me the responsibility. They have given me the ‘Ishta-linga’ and this honour. I have done the ‘Ishta-linga dharan’. I will walk on the path of dharma. Love and sacrifice is the message given to me and that is what I want to propagate,

“It doesn’t matter what caste you belong to. If God appears to you for a path of goodwill and sacrifice, you will do it regardless of the manmade restrictions of birth and caste,” he further said.

The Muruga Rajendra Mutt is linked to the 350-year-old Koraneshwara Sansthan Mutt in Khajuri village in Kalaburagi and is one of the 361 mutts under Sri Jagadguru Murugharajendra mutt of Chitradurga, reports a news daily.

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