5 Reasons Why We Need Equal Pay

Out of all the arbitrary and unabashedly tone-deaf things that gender discrimination brings to the forefront, one of the most pertinent issues is the absolute disregard with which women are shoehorned to operate in the work-force. They are looked at as the weaker counterparts in each industry, often with a pronounced lack of commensurate compensation for work done. We discuss why women in the workforce deserve as much, if not more, than their male colleagues! 

1. Because The Wage Gap Is Deafening

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It isn’t even that the margin of the wage gap is minute. Hefty differences in pay are the norm, even in industries as developed as the entertainment sector. It is often the case that male actors who put in the same or lesser amount of work end up being paid crores more than their female colleagues. The very narrative of the wage-gap reinforces the flawed view of society looking at men to be the dominant gender. A correct appraisal on merit will see a lessening of the wage gap and drive a simple yet undeniable truth home – that women are as integral to the world as men are.

2. Because It Will Help The Entire GDP Of The Nation

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Even though women are increasingly entering the work force, the wage-gap skews the cause-and-effect relationship between actual work done and the overall Gross Domestic Product. Although the employment in increasingly indicating a less glaring male-to-female ratio in the work force, the consistent disparity in the wages earned suggests that women in the industry are bringing much less to the table in proportion to the hours they put in at work.

3. Because It Will Give Your Organisation A Progressive Edge

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Looking at the issue from a purely pragmatic viewpoint, women constitute roughly half the population in the world. Even the most hardened chauvinist must admit that extremely capable persons would be found in such a demographic. In today’s highly competitive arena, it is a criminal waste to under utilise such a valuable human resource. Furthermore, the organisation would join a movement that deserves to be recognised on a global scale. The wage-gap is an issue that every country and every industry witnesses and even the smallest step in the right direction is laudable.

4. Because Sometimes Women Are The Breadwinners

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We are so used to the stereotypical portrait of families that assume men are the primary breadwinners. While there is a basis in fact for this perspective, it is also true that the pressures of ‘soft labour’ that women are normatively assumed to be engaging in often limits their participation in careers more suited to the higher earning members of the family. Sadly, the wage-gap further reinforces this notion. Today, however, there are a number of badass women who inspire by taking on these pressures while still finding a way to be the highest earning member of the family. A dismantled wage-gap will help facilitate more such opportunities to billions of women in the years to come.

5. Because Women Deserve It

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Lastly, women are multitaskers. They manage roles and expectations that are both thrust upon them and taken up voluntarily with a verve and gusto that is more than a match for any man. To not compensate them proportionately for the effort they put in is criminally unfair. Women deserve to be rewarded in accordance to their might, not in accordance to antiquated notions deemed to be the extent of their right.

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