The Freedom Checklist: How Free Are We Really In Today’s Day and Age?

How does it feel being the youngest, most varied democracy in the world? I bet it feels like a crore bucks with a cherry on top. I bet it feels like we are invincible; that we are a country set on a foundation of freedom and liberty. But are we? Are we bereft of all hang-ups that constitutes the true essence of freedom or are we ready to unite with a collective sense of accepting, granting, and embracing the will for people to live as they want? Are we free from and free to really have a chance all this? Let’s find out.

1. Freedom from Indignity

2. Freedom from Fear

3. Freedom from Violence

4. Freedom from Inequality

5. Freedom from Discrimination

6. Freedom from Arbitration

7. Freedom from Pretension

8. Freedom from Disproportion

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day… Dil Se <3 #IndependenceDay

GoodTimes यांनी वर पोस्ट केले बुधवार, १४ ऑगस्ट, २०१९

9. Freedom from Stereotypes

10. Freedom from Authoritarianism

11. Freedom from Censorship

12. Freedom from Senselessness

13. Freedom from Carelessness

14. Freedom from Lies

15. Freedom from Treachery

16. Freedom from Hypocrisy

17. Freedom from Sycophancy

18. Freedom from Poverty

19. Freedom from Corruption

20. Freedom from Diktat

21. Freedom from Selfishness

22. Freedom from Political Overtures

23. Freedom from One-Upmanship

24. Freedom from Tu Tu Main Main

25. Freedom from Don’t Be With Him


26. Freedom from Don’t Be With Her

27. Freedom from You Should Be With Her

28. Freedom from Don’t Eat That

29. Freedom from Noise

30. Freedom from Pollution

31. Freedom from Being Frightened

32. Freedom from Falling In Love

33. Freedom from Worries

34. Freedom from Pain

35. Freedom from Abomination

36. Freedom from Rage

37. Freedom to Fight for your Right

38. Freedom to Want

39. Freedom to Ask For What Is Due

40. Freedom to Question

41. Freedom to Follow Your Heart

42. Freedom to Soar

43. Freedom to Have Ambitions Without Disparity

44. Freedom to Be Fair

45. Freedom to Love

46. Freedom to Choose Your Partner

47. Freedom to Shun Conventions

48. Freedom to Disrupt Norms

49. Freedom to Eat

50. Freedom to Roam About

51. Freedom to Peacefully Assemble

52. Freedom to Protest

53. Freedom to Act

54. Freedom to Dismiss Golden Legacy

55. Freedom To Want

56. Freedom to Earn

57. Freedom to Study

58. Freedom to Wait For Marriage

59. Freedom to Celebrate Festivals

60. Freedom to Enjoy Holidays

61. Freedom to Say No

62. Freedom to Accept No

63. Freedom to Have A Home

64. Freedom to Pray

65. Freedom to Learn

66. Freedom to Talk

67. Freedom to Have A Language

68. Freedom to Not Know A Language

69. Freedom to Wear What You Want

70. Freedom to Know Your Rights

71. Freedom to Constructively Criticise

72. Freedom to Safeguard and Protect One Another

73. Freedom to Reject


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  1. Kanika

    But can we actually achieve this alone in this independent India, what about the societal pressures?



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